Ming-Ming Zhou
Professor & Principal Investigator
PhD in Chemistry
Purdue University
Email: Ming-Ming.Zhou@mssm.edu

Research Faculty and Staff


Lei Zeng
Associate Professor
PhD in Chemistry
North Carolina State University
Email: lei.zeng@mssm.edu
Yoel Rodriguez
Vising Professor
PhD in Chemistry
Complutense University of Madrid
Email: yoel.rodriguez@mssm.edu
Qiang Zhang
Senior Scientist
PhD in Biochemistry
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Email: qiang.zhang@mssm.edu
Elena Rusinova
Research Coordinator
MS in Physics
Polytechnic University, Odessa, Ukraine
Email: elena.rusinova@mssm.edu
William Ka Lung Cheung
PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rutgers University, School of Pharmacy
Email: kalung.cheung@mssm.edu
Nilesh Zaware
PhD in Medicinal-Chemistry
Duquesne University
Email: nilesh.zaware@mssm.edu

Students and Postdoctoral Fellows


Tsuyoshi Konuma
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD in Structural Biology
Osaka University, Japan
Email: tsuyoshi.konuma@mssm.edu
Chunyan Ren
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD in Biomedical Sciences
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Email: chunyan.ren@mssm.edu
Rajal Sharma
MD/PhD Student
MS in Chemistry
Northeastern University
Email: rajal.sharma@mssm.edu